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Experience trips

In addition to facilitating the teams, we provide sponsorship packages for family, friends, relations, sponsors and everyone who wants to experience the real rally feeling.

Our unique concept, in which we work closely with the organization and national and international rally teams, offers many advantages. Our guests - you - visit the most beautiful locations, have front-row view of the rally and stay in the best hotels. The adventure also often include driving in a 4x4 car (some parts off-road), sleeping under thousands of stars and getting a taste of the traditional cuisine.

We offer multiple adventurous trips to rallies all over the world. The trips cover different phases of the rally so there will be something for everyone. Would you like to see the spectacular beginning of the race or would you like to feel the emotions and euphoria that erupt after crossing the finish line? The trips have one thing in common, all the conveniences and comfort you need to bring you closer to the rally.

You don’t have to worry about anything, our experienced travel guides know the ropes and know the rally world inside and out. Everything will be taken care of for you so that you can enjoy an unforgettable journey.

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Le Dakar 2022 Rustdagreis (Dutch)




We don’t just take you to the rally to watch it from a distance, we make sure you are in the middle of it.
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  • The organization of the Eurol Dakar Experience trip 2019 was again good! Our customers were very satisfied and pleased. We have noticed that organization has prepared the trip well, they where friendly and enthusiastic (positive attitude, cheerful, interested, asked for feedback, helpful). Our compliments for that!  
  • J. Sejena
    Fantastic trip through Peru! Six days full of enjoyment, from the beginning to the end. In the brochure you can read exactly what to expect, but some surprise elements are added. The first evening we went to the Dutch ambassador for a welcome drink, a number of Dutch teams were also present. The next days we stayed in five star hotels, we ate in good restaurants and drove in (almost new) 4x4 cars to the rally. And it is true... We had first row sight! The big surprise was the last evening, we drove in buggies to a beautiful spot in the middle of the dunes where GPT Rally organized a bbq and disco so that we could end the trip nicely.     
    J. Sejena
  • P. Mandigers
    Sit back and relax! For an amazing adventure you just contact GPT Rally and they will make sure you will experience another level of traveling combined with rally driving. We want to thank GPT Rally one more time for everything they have done!
    P. Mandigers
  • This year was already the second time that we have organized an incentive trip with GPT Rally. At first there was no starting trip to the MDC 2019, but they made an exception this especially for our group. The guests who joined the trip where extremely enthusiastic and they are still talking about it.